Design trends are constantly evolving depending upon the technological and cultural changes. The product creators infuse new design trends compatible with the target audience to make the product look fresh and desirable and impart it a competitive advantage. These evolving trends become obsolete in no time. So, it is imperative to predict trends in advance and make an intelligent guess so as to go with the flow.

The most powerful design trends which are sure to dominate 2020 are as follows:

3-D designs

Until now, 3-D designs were used in the animation and entertainment industry. However, with the rise in device processing power, 3D objects are used on websites to make it visually appealing and add the touch of realism to the virtual world.

Dark UI

Dark UI is not only appealing to the eye but also helps to reduce the eye-strain by automatically adjusting the screen brightness to the prevalent lighting conditions. Moreover, they conserve the battery power of mobile devices to a great extent.

Data Visualization

Humans being visual creatures, have the power to assimilate and process visual information more quickly and efficiently than the text information. Data visualization is a powerful tool in communicating visual stories to the audience. Creating powerful visuals on the website captivates audience and gravitates them towards your brand.

Scroll-generated websites

The technological advancements have enabled us to create a lot more than a static website. In fact, they enable us to create a visually appealing journey through vivid images, videos, and animations. Scroll-generated websites use the intensity of motion and animation to facilitate dynamic user-interactions with the brand. Those impacts include an additional layer of significance into the existing substance and make it progressively paramount for clients.

Asymmetric Layouts

Most of the websites use a grid-based technique for positioning the different elements of the website. The grid is basically made up of imaginary lines that help the components on the page remain all together. A broken grid technique enables placing the grid elements chaotically which facilitates creativity and innovation.

Split Content

With the help of a split content design technique, you can display more than one important message at a time. It likewise makes your site look additionally engaging and efficient.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes allows us to experiment and create visually appealing compositions. Geometric shapes can also be used to create partitions to identify the different sections of a website. Different geometric shapes impart a specific feel to the website. Soft geometric shapes create a futuristic look while the sharp edges and contours gives a brutalist look.

Background Video

Adding a background video to the website can give a visually stimulating experience to the users, they feel as if they are transported into a new world. Usage of background video instead of static images on the webpage gives a whole to a new dimension to your brand. It also enables the users to s stick to your website for a longer period of time or at least till the time the video finishes.

Bold fonts

On the off chance that you visit the sites of industry pioneers, you may see that the headlines, not the images, is the principal thing that catches your eye. Bold headlines aren’t a new thing at all. Be that as it may, the intriguing thing is the manner in which those headlines are structured. Have you seen that a large number of those headlines are structured with striking bold fonts mainly to capture the user’s attention? Bold text styles put a progressively visual load to the message and direct the user to where they should look first. From a stylish perspective, bold text styles likewise give your website a cutting edge and contemporary feel.

Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation is done to minimize the content on the website so as to avoid overwhelming the user. With the help of hidden navigation, you can save a lot of space and it also helps to make your design look more clear.

Voice user Interface

Voice User Interface allows the user to interact with the website through voice commands. This pattern will add ease of use and usefulness to your website and guarantee that all site components are available for individuals with physical inabilities.


No matter which web design trend is in vogue, its essential for the designer to create solutions keeping user experience in mind. His ultimate goal should be to make the product feasible for the user.

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