Web site

Your digital identity proof

With many newer technologies around, we have already crossed the hurdle or transition between the offline world and the online world with the help of internet accessibility. With this, we have also upgraded our businesses to the digital platform and created a noticeable impact on our customers.

“But what attracted your customers though?”

The answer to this question is a Website. Your website is the identity proof of your virtual commercial platform and web design is your weapon to protect that identity. When everything is going on the digital platform, then knowing about a web site and web design is basic.

We a team at NICE Digitals, a white label web designing company are solely assigned to decorate another company’s website i.e. our client’s website but with no work credit.

White label web designing service

We will get it done for you:

We value your business and the interface you use to connect with your customers. Our experts will handle all your queries giving you a contented RoI(Return on Investment) for your business. With all our white label services on your website, we will not urge any credit for the effort we will do to enhance your business.
Among all the services, white label web development service is the most vital one that your website requires to get the user’s attention. Our special team of web designing experts working day-in-day-out to generate a website as per your business requirement. Apart from this we also help our clients with several tips for engaging and responsive website, so that it will be easy for the client to drive leads to their website.
Infusing various features with relatable catchy contents and amazing graphic ideas with creative logo, these all to be handled by our white label web development team. The development team focuses on your business goal and target audience and implements all possible tricks to develop your website by using various developing tools and software technologies.

Undeniable services your website needs:

Though we have a pack of several services to cater to our clients, like; creative services, web design and developments, eCommerce development, Internet Marketing, App development and WordPress development, etc. white-label custom web design service is the most in-demand one.

In this service, we create a customized website satisfying our client’s needs and try to content marketing, creative designing add-ons so as to recreate and renovate an existing or new website. Our adept private label web design team works efficiently to deliver the client a fully functional and creative website, that needs to be simple and projectable for the users visiting the website.

Trending tools

we use for recreation:

For creating awe-inspiring featured malware protected website with all information furnished in it about your business, our white label web design agency work on a few platforms or languages, those are;

WordPress: A popularly used software by our experts for creating a feature-full and impressive website, that helps us to satisfy all your business requirements, whether it is a background theme, logo, appearance whatever. Though this is the tool basically used by developers, it can also manage web design services. WordPress is a complete package where you can get your website designed along with SEO infusion.

HTML5/CSS3: Hypertext Markup Language is the traditional language been used by expert web designers and is renowned for giving stylish looks to the website with several backgrounds and theme options. Along with this, the tool also makes a website possible to appear on every screen like; smartphones or windows or tablets.

Joomla: It is another source to get a customized website with various private label custom web design services and create a sync between the content management system and the database. Joomla comes with various features enabling developers to innovate and experiment new things on the website.

An amazing website is our promise:

Giving our client an extraordinary experience with a jaw-dropping fully-featured website is our objective at NICE Digitals. But giving all these services from the back-end as a full-time supporter is what we do as a white-label service provider. Our efficient team of dynamic talents in website design and management services will take up your business ideas and will recreate a productive online platform for you within a promised time keeping all your requirements in view.


What is white label web design?

White label web design are the agencies who design clients’ websites with multiple features but without taking any credit for the work. In this, the clients are supposed to white label or rebrand that work and can show to their customers. So white label web design basically helps the client from the backend.

Are private label and white label services the same?

Yes, Private label and White Label, both the terms are technically the same and can be used interchangeably and the differences are; in private label the client company is a sole brand in one retailer, whereas white label deals with a number of retailer clients.

In Private label, the developer team works solely for a particular retailer, but in white label, the developer team takes clients as per their interest or they deal with multiple retailers all at a time.

How to manage a web design project?

To manage a web design project, there is a certain pre-planning to be proposed before the start of the project. The project includes a manager,

  • Explains the team all about the project
  • Creates a series of plans
  • Assigns each member of the team a particular area to look after.
  • Decides the turnaround time(TAT)
  • Estimates the budget to be invested
  • Analyzes the risk of management.
  • Plan the resources to be required
  • Schedule the processes and take the running update.