White Label Solution

Our White label solution is meant for Digital Media Agencies (Small, Medium, Large) that sells Websites, Shopping carts, SEO & SMO services to SMB. Our White label solution is a perfect fit for Agencies who are good at selling Digital services but do not have a fulfillment capacity.

Our White label solution encourages you to upscale your sales and we take the complete responsibility of the fulfillment process. Our expertise & experienced fulfillment team takes meticulous care of your customers and ensures impeccable quality at an affordable price.

You can outsource your work to us when you do not have time or capacity to scale up and provide a wide range of managed digital marketing services.

L.I.F.T – Our Fulfillment Framework


We provide dedicated Account Managers for your agency who are great at listening – they understand your brief, client’s brands and feedback on the work and strive to provide best end solutions.

How does Listen process work?

We believe great listening leads to great results. And that’s what we start out with. Agencies are assigned with a dedicated Account Manager to understand their clients’ key challenges and requirements. This helps in starting out with the right strategy and suggesting the best solutions.


We integrate seamlessly with your team through industry’s best collaboration tools and ensure the best solutions under your brand

How do the two teams integrate for a single client?

We first ensure integration at the top level – where there is clear understanding of the work to be delivered. We collaborate with the agency’s team and the client team through industry’s best collaboration tools (like Asana, Zoho, etc.). We strive to ensure we do not waste unnecessary time in sending emails, managing team, getting queries answered, etc. and are on the same page with your agency and client on the work deliverables.

What is the level of integration that we follow?

This solely depends on YOU. Our team is extremely fluid in engaging with your agency and clients in whichever way you find it productive. Our team is equally good with emails OR collaboration tools, working in your time zone OR our time zone, co-ordinating with you OR with the end client under your brand name (xyz@yourcompanyname.com) – Our only focus is to GET THE WORK DONE!

What is the assurance that we will deal under the client’s brand name?

For this we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client.

What are the advantages of this integration?

The advantages are that we are end to end oriented with 10+ years of experience. We provide you with a team that will work solely for you according to your needs and requirements.


We have a team of development and digital veterans to fulfil end-to-end client requirements ranging from Designing to Development and from core SEO to Social Media Management.


Why do you need Fulfillment from Nice Digitals?

Marketing is moving very swiftly into Tech-marketing that is extremely volatile and demanding. Sudden campaigns, creative and tech demands are common – and agencies are at the receiving end between recruiting new employees and pressurizing current team into frequent over-timing. Both of these prove to be an expensive solution – we provide trained and experienced resources and solutions based on your need.

How does Fulfillment process work?

Your Account Manager would assign a dedicated pod of Developers, Designers and Marketers to you. Our experienced team then seamlessly transitions into your team and develop the solutions required by client.

They interact with the client and/or your team members using the collaboration tools to deliver great work smartly.

How do the commercials work?

We have volume-based White label plans. You are free to choose any plan and charge your clients over and above our commercials – of course the higher the volume of work, the lower the commercials.

We are also open to customized plans based on requirement


We have been in the business for 10+ years and TRUST and INTEGRITY is our religion. We deliver the best – all under your banner.

How do we ensure TRUST & INTEGRITY?

We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with you to ensure that your clients would remain YOUR CLIENTS. We have been in the business for long and definitely love the space we are in – we would rather work with great sellers like you than lose our religion, which is TRUST & INTEGRITY.

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