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SEO in 2020 Vs SEO in 2021

These two years and the happenings suffered in this entire duration will be remembered forever after.

Not only for impacting human lives in a drastic way, but also for bringing a lot of changes in the global marketing world, 2020 will be in everyone’s diary ever after. Though, there had been a lot of plans we made for 2020 that failed interms of new business acquisition and clients, we still have a hope to scale up our dreams with a new start. Undoubtedly, digital marketers have already started working on this beautiful idea, making SEO as their vital marketing weapon.

Talking about the vital upcoming changes in the world of SEO, here are some glances:

  • High time to spice up automation revolution in the topical SEO world:

As all our plans could not show the needed marketing response in 2020, a smart-cum-active modification in the search intent could make things happen in 2021. Yes, using the algorithmic concepts of RankBrain and Bert together, Google is all set to guesstimate user’s search intent and show them the appropriate result they need. This movement of SEO marketing is expected to bring the market on the top in a shorter span and could be added on to the to-do-list of 2021.

  • Making things clearer by directing users to the answers:

Those marketing methods have been way dull and ineffective, as Google understands searchers are really not interested in wasting their time over unwanted links and advertisements. So, Google recommends marketers to think out of the box, and highlight the exact answers or search results to the users on the SERP.  And this could start from strengthening on-page optimizations, as your user will be directed straight to your web page without stumbling on loads of links. Now, get set go with this new change!

Incorporate these two trending tips in your current digital marketing strategy to bring more clicks, more views and more audiences. There are a lot to discover in SEO marketing, but these two can surely take your business to a hopeful level and encourage you to come up with new engaging ideas. Good luck with a new raise and shine in 2021!


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