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What is PBN? How to effectively use PBNs (private blog networks) to improve SEO rankings?

What is PBN? How to effectively use PBNs (private blog networks) to improve SEO rankings?What is PBN?

PBNs referred as Private Blog Networks, one of the gray hat back-linking strategy. All the bloggers more aware of this word and is a part of their daily SEO life. PBNs generally to build backlinks to particular niche business. It’s somewhat similar link wheel and link pyramid (Google consider link wheel and link pyramid techniques as spam more chance to penalize).

How to effectively use PBNs (private blog networks) to improve SEO rankings?

But if we maintain minimum precautions we can use these PBNs more efficiently.

Below are the minimum precautions we need to take care first before using PBNs


Don’t host multiple domains from the same hosting provider. Try to get a different IP address for each domain.


Use different layouts for each PBN that looks different from other PBNs design. Don’t use same images or content for all the PBNs under the same niche.

NAP details:

NAP – Name, Address and Phone number and Email. Don’t use the same information for all the PBNs.


Don’t interlink all the PBNs. I mean don’t create back-links from one PBN to another PBN.


Don’t build backlinks from same sites to all the PBNs.

Expired Domains:

If you are planning to take expired domains for PBNs, be careful of SPAM score (allowed 1/17) and also check backlinks for that domain. If everything good then only you can consider. Or else it will make affect all the sites that you build backlinks from this PBN.

If you follow below strategy, ultimately your PBNs become more efficient and authority backlinks.

For example, I want to create 2 PBNs for my own. I initially take all the precautions mentioned above and make the websites live.

Let take an example 1 PBN I build for Law firm and another for HVAC. For Law firm related PBN, I will keep posting unique content with minimum 500 to 700 words articles every week. And same for HVAC PBN. Here Word count is also important. Neil Patel mentioned Google prefers content-rich sites in his one of the blog post. That means more content = more value.

Try to publish 1 to 2 articles every week that are informative and also cover major Law firm/HVAC business keywords.  Follow the same process for few months and build good authority backlinks from same niche websites and use Social media as a high priority. Content sharing in major social networks like Google plus post, Google my business post, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook. These are ultimate free back-links if you can get.

Keep track of spam score and back-links regularly for PBNs.

Once your PBNs with outstanding content and Domain authority, you can use them for contextual linking from existing article.

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