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Small and self-governing gyms are under rising pressure as they compete with bigger national brands and budget gyms, fitness apps and online personal trainers with an aim to provide the same results. If this is one of the challenges your business faces, you can make use of digital marking to enhance membership sales and progress retention.

You need to identify your target. This starts by recognizing your ideal customers. Which groups can get you most business? Does your gym draw stay at home moms? Does the majority of your business come from corporate types?

Know these 4 things about your members and probable members:

  • The demographics of your members
  • Fitness goals, needs and motivations of your members
  • What or who impacts their decisions
  • How you can resolve their fitness troubles

Here is how Digital Marketing can benefit the fitness services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make sure that your website is in compliance with the SEO practices, especially when it is about Local SEO. This helps your website rank well within search engine result pages and will heighten your organic traffic.
  • Content Marketing – Try to share or post important fitness information through a blog, social media profiles, email newsletters, etc. This helps in growing your reputation, pull traffic, acquire more leads and thus will help you in retaining the members.
  • Inbound Marketing – Basically, inbound marketing comprises of web design, content creation, social media and other digital marketing strategies to build a sales funnel that smoothly takes your audience from target audience to active member.
  • Social Media Marketing – Creating and publishing edifying or engaging posts, images and videos, help you to encourage your business, share out your content, and keep you associated with your audience, customers and fans.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Paid advertising is a trustworthy and expected way to draw visitors to your website. Whether you make use of Google AdWords or Facebook’s advertising, you end up paying for the traffic you get.
  • Email Marketing – Many small and independent gyms successfully try their hand out in email subscriptions and newsletters to get in touch with the prospects and their membership. Email Marketing is this is one of the finest ways to promote content, discounts and even events.

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If you wish like to talk about how fitness service can make the most of digital marketing to increase membership or any related topic, you can always get in touch with Nice Digitals. Call our experts today @ (801) 438-8186 for a free strategy consultation.

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