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Google’s New reviews format for hotels

Search engine giant Google was going to bring new reviews format for hotels. The new reviews format include more graphical user interface and detailed information about the particular hotel.

This new reviews format by Google was also confirmed by one of the Google spokesperson.  They said that “Google is continually improving the information shown to people to help them make decisions about where to go. When people are searching for a hotel to stay at, we want to ensure we make it easy for people to find useful and relevant web reviews about that place to help them make informed decisions.”

Google also has been beginning the testing of new reviews format for hotels. With this new user interface now the user now may know the some of the information like

#1.  The types of rooms the particular hotel have been providing.

Example: Families, Couples, Solo, Business

#2.   The Average rating of the above (#1) mentioned services separately.

#3.   The reviews and rating that have been given to a particular hotel by a user or customer in third party websites.


#4.   The detailed review was also introduced in this new review format like “Traveler type”. Here for suppose the traveler type was “Business”, if previous travelers had given reviews for Business type rooms then we can only select Business type rooms reviews for reference.

#5.  This new reviews format also shows the average ratings of Rooms, Location, Services and Facilities for a particular category (Solo, Families, Couples, Business).

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